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About frankie

frankie makes mental healthcare and wellness easy for all with just one small task a day. Our wellness journeys work for both individuals and corporates. Go on guided wellness journeys, work with our behavioural and wellness professionals or speak to our therapists - all from the comfort and privacy of your home.

frankie Speaking

frankie is derived from the term 'frankly speaking' - a direct connotation of how mental health issues should be discussed. We believe that de-stigmatising mental health and empowering our users with the knowledge, support and guidance to deal with personal stressors is the key to healthier minds and better run lives.

Our mission is to make the mental healthcare process easy, transparent and cost effective for all - and it starts with rewarding you for completing one small task a day.

The frankie Approach


Small Steps Count

frankie believes that every small step gets you one step closer to your mental health and wellness goals. 


Rewarding Consistency

frankie creates opportunities to build routine and life long habits by rewarding consistency with real-world rewards. 


Support With An Ecosystem

frankie provides a mental health and wellness ecosystem that users like you can tap on no matter the situation.  

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