Why Should I Care About My Wellness?

Finding it hard to make time for your wellness? Find out why it is important to prioritise wellness.

Imagine walking on a recently paved road. The journey is smooth. There are no potholes that will lead to a fall. In fact, walking on it is a breeze.

We sometimes take for granted that such securities are just there. If you live in a first world country, it is almost expected that all roads are smooth, clean and with a reasonable amount of maintenance work done.

However, we forget that a lot of work was done to ensure our enjoyment and comfort. Regular maintenance has to be done to mend potholes or damages caused by the traffic. Care has to be taken to mend those damages to ensure longevity and preserve the continuity of comfort of the pedestrians on the road.

In no circumstance would we say: Why must we mend the road when it is still usable? There are just a few potholes. I just have to avoid those potholes.

Wellness Is Linked To Our Overall Health

Maintaining your wellness relies on the same principles of regular maintenance and care. What we often neglect to remember is how our well being through wellness is intrinsically tied to our overall health.

What Wellness Is Not

  • One-off activities that are done on a sporadic basis.

  • Waiting for the ball to drop before picking up the pieces.

  • Temporarily adopting a random diet or exercise fad because it has been proven by experts to work.

  • Heading to a spa or rehabilitation centre only when feeling signs of weariness and burnout.

What Wellness Is

  • Multi-dimensional activities that are incorporated into the daily routine.

  • Understanding what your body, mind and soul needs to stay well and healthy.

  • Forming a plan that you can follow and do on a daily basis.

  • Developing better habits that can lead to a better you.

  • Focusing on prevention rather than reacting.

When we forsake our wellness because of the lack of time, or the assumption that caring for our wellness is too expensive, or even because we are procrastinating, we are saying that it is okay to have potholes on our road. While these potholes might not cause instant noticeable repercussions, they can lead to further cracks that are not mendable.

Why Wellness Should Be A Priority

Deprioritizing wellness can be detrimental in the long-term. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll that was conducted in May found that 11 percent of those who delayed care reported worsening conditions as a result of the delay.

Wellness that is taken care of, pays for itself - literally. People who embrace wellness through healthy habits are found to have:

Reasons for Delaying Wellness

While the most common reason for the delay is usually related to the fear of the costs of treatment, some other common reasons for wellness inertia include:

  • General procrastination

  • Lack of time while balancing other activities such as family and work

  • Lack of awareness for wellness activities and how it can be incorporated into daily life

  • The misconception that wellness has to be done with an expensive facility

If you find yourself relating to one or more of these reasons, there are simple ways available to avoid delaying wellness. In fact, we have compiled a short list of instantly achievable 5-minute wellness tips that can be incorporated into your busy daily routine. Are you ready?

Simple Wellness Tips For Your Busy Lifestyle

All long-term behavioural activations start with an intention. Some questions that matter and can help you with your wellness journey are:

  • What is your intention for your wellness?

  • How are you going to achieve your optimal wellness?

  • How much time do you have in a day, week and month to achieve your goals?

  • What is your attention span like?

  • What are some wellness activities that interest you?

  • Do you need a companion to achieve your wellness goals?

  • Are my wellness goals realistic and attainable in the short, mid and long term?

By deeply understanding yourself and the needs and wants you have, it is possible to set forth with a clearer and more sustainable wellness plan.

Caring For Your Wellness In 5-Minute Routines

Body Wellness

Set aside 5-minutes each day to go for a walk around the neighbourhood or your workplace

When thinking about body or physical wellness, most people immediately think about a HIIT class at Barry’s or F45. The fortunate thing is that physical wellness need not be benchmarked on how lifts or bench presses you do. Heading for a simple walk around your vicinity can be equally fulfilling and help work up a good sweat. Complete your walk with a small reward for yourself.

Mind Wellness

Set aside 5-minutes each day to work on strengthening your mind by reading on a topic or learning something that is not familiar to you

The act of reading and learning can help strengthen our perspective on how we see and view the world. Through what we read and learn, we gain unique insights on the people around us and the way we interact with the people around us. We become more aware and comfortable with change, and in the process, learn to be more adaptable. A guitar instructor once told us that the best way to learn a guitar is to pick it up and attempt to play a song that you love for 5 minutes each day. Reward yourself after refreshing your mind.

Soul Wellness

Set aside 5-minutes each day to reflect on your day

It can be simply putting down everything to think about what has been done well and what can be done better. It can also be journaling down your thoughts and insights for the day. Note down how you feel, and how those feelings made you feel. Is there anything you are missing out that you would like to change? Reward yourself for questioning your thought processes.

Social Wellness

Set aside 5-minute each day to speak to someone you are comfortable with

Communication can be an efficient and effective tool to achieve optimal wellness. While it is true that technology has facilitated communication, communicating consciously to our close ones about our needs and wants can help release tension and stress that we have. By clearing our head with the people we love, we consciously put aside any resentment we have from the day. Reward yourself for sharing your feelings or thoughts with your closed ones.

A Word From frankie

We understand that taking care of your wellness can appear very intimidating at first. This is especially true when there are many priorities in your life. There is no one-size-fit-all wellness playbook. Your wellness is something that has to be personalised for your wants, needs, interests and goals. You need to be in control of your wellness.

The best part of building wellness is that you can do it all from the comfort of anywhere, on your own terms, with just one small step a day.

Learn more about improving your wellness with small, incremental steps:


This article was published by the frankie team on the 1st of May 2022 and reviewed by a mental health professional on the 1st of May 2022. To find out more about wellness and how it can be incorporated into your daily routine, click here.


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